Our mission is to develop and implement creative solutions and content to best fit your organization’s current and expanding needs, keeping you competitive in traditional and digital marketplaces.

Germeroth Consulting & Creative utilizes an individualized approach to tackle your business’s unique challenges. We draw from our diverse backgrounds in and out of our respective fields to effectively and creatively build your business and brand.

We craft every solution exclusively for you and your business’s needs, developing a focused yet agile team to work diligently toward your objectives. By starting small, we have the ability to scale up and down to meet the current and changing needs of your organization.

We provide customized solutions from three main approaches to help build your business

When crafting solutions for your business, we can pull from each of these practices to ensure a fully developed, comprehensive plan from start to finish.

No matter whether you are an entrepreneur, main street business, restaurant, retailer, large online business, or anywhere in between, we can develop a creative solution to your challenges.

Contact us to find your solution.

Lee Germeroth

Owner // Founder


I founded Germeroth Consulting & Creative in 2016 with the mission to develop and implement creative solutions and content for businesses and organizations. I have worked in the marketing industry for over 10 years, providing marketing services to a wide range of organizations from small brick and mortar businesses to large national and international companies, and non-profits. I draw upon my diverse background experience to find the best solution for organizational challenges both large and small. I live in Dover, NH, and when I'm not in front of a computer developing marketing strategies and tactics, I love to explore the outdoors both locally and abroad, always with a camera in tow.