Two Gmail add-ons that will help with your lead nurturing & more!

Today’s tips are two Gmail add-ons to elevate your lead nurturing and email marketing to the next level.

With these two apps, you will be able to track when emails are opened, whether they have been responded to, get notified if they have been opened or responded to, and schedule your emails.

#1 Boomerang

When you throw a boomerang it comes right back to you. Just like that, this addon gives you the ability to send emails and then have them come back to your inbox after a set period of time if the email’s recipient hasn’t responded to you.

You can also schedule an email to send whenever you like. That is super helpful for all the people out there who work at all hours of the day, but don’t want their clients to know they are always working. Just schedule the email to go out during a normal 9-5 schedule or whatever works for you.

Boomerang has both a free version and a paid version that gives you unlimited email credits to use.

#2 Hubspot Sales

Get notifications the moment a lead opens your email, and track every interaction you have with them.

Want to see if someone has opened your email before sending a follow-up? This addon will do the trick!

Coupled with Boomerang these two apps give you total control in your lead nurturing process.

When you get the notification that your lead hasn’t responded after a set period of time from Boomerang you can check Hubspot Sales to see if they have even opened your email or not. If they haven’t opened your first email then your response should be different than if they did open but just didn’t respond.

This ability to craft your responses depending on if they have opened your email or not will increase the response rate you get from future emails in your nurturing sequence.

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