How to get more Google Reviews and how many should you have?

Today’s tips will show you how to make a direct link to leave a review on Google and how many you should have.

Getting reviews on your Google My Business listing is one of the biggest trust signals you can give to users. It is the easiest way to stand out from your competition by getting more and better reviews than them.

#1 How many reviews should I get?

While I could just say that more is better than less, BrightLocal came out with a Google review study that you can use to benchmark your business against your industry.

Simply select your businesses industry from the dropdown on the page and you will be shown the review data. For example, photographers, have an average of 14 Google reviews. And in the graphs, you can see that businesses that have more reviews also have a higher ranking in the Goole Local results.

Check out the study here.

#2 How to create a link right to your Google Reviews

Ok, so you know how many reviews you need to get. Now let’s get them!

Whenever you ask someone to write a review, you should make it as easy as possible for them to do it. Rather than saying “Google my business name, find the reviews button, click it and then leave one” you can just create your own direct link to your Google reviews.

Google has a handy tool that helps you to create a direct link to your Google Reviews. Skip the first section and go right to the “Create a link using the PlaceID Lookup Tool” section. That way with the link you create your customers will be able to leave a review on a mobile device or a desktop device.

Once you make the link you just have to start asking for people! Activate the silent majority to leave positive reviews for your business.

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