How to get the highest email open rates

Today’s tips will help you maximize your email open rates and get the most amount of people to see your messages.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful you have designed your email newsletters if you don’t have a subject line that makes someone click through then all is lost.

#1 Emojis

They aren’t just used to text your friends. Using emojis in your email subject lines are proven to have an increased email open rate. They can help your subject lines stand out among the sea of other emails and are more likely to be clicked on.

One thing you have to keep in mind is to make sure the emojis are relevant to the email or the subject line. You can’t just throw any emoji in there.

#2 Resend to nonopeners

This is a little trick to get more people to open your emails. If you send an email and a certain percent of people don’t even open it why not send it again with a different subject line?

Through your email marketing service (MailChimp makes this really easy) you can make a custom segment of just the people who didn’t open your last email. Then you send the same campaign with a different subject line to hopefully entice the people who didn’t open the first one to open this one.

I generally recommend waiting a few days at least to send the email again just in case someone is waiting to open or read the email. That way they don’t get a double send.

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