Micro Efficiencies – Two tips to speed up your life!

Today’s tips are two micro efficiencies that will compound over time, saving you countless hours.

Micro efficiencies are often completely overlooked, but these top of the funnel ideas are things that can radically change your productivity in the long term.

#1 Fast Internet

Yes. Faster internet.

You all know how frustrating slow wifi is. But what about wifi that is just kinda slow? It’s not enough that you are freaking out, but when a website takes an extra couple seconds to load, or an email attachment is just taking forever to upload and you are just sitting waiting for it to finish, that is just wasted time.

Enough of that.

Pay a bit more to your email service provider and get upgraded to faster speeds and stop waiting for everything to load.

This becomes especially important with the number of devices that are connecting to your network all at the same time. The more speed you have the more you can share between devices.

I didn’t think that was as big of a deal until I went from a 30Mbps speed to 10 times that speed. It noticeably increased my work output and mental health without having to be constantly frustrated.

Micro Efficiencies -- Increase your internet speed to save time

Sure there are faster internet speeds than this, but if you are getting somewhere around here then that should be enough for your daily internet needs.

#2 Get a Mouse

I’m not talking about a furry creature. 

I’m talking about one of these bad boys ↴

Micro Efficiencies -- use a mouse with programmable buttons to save time

You have no idea how much using a mouse has increased my productivity.

I know there are a lot of laptop users out there… Sliding your finger across the trackpad is the slowest way to move your cursor around the screen. Sure you can (and should) increase the sensitivity of your trackpad so that you don’t have to do multiple swipes across the trackpad to get across your screen. But a dedicated mouse will be a game changer for you.

The specific mouse I use every day is the Logitech G602 gaming mouse. I don’t play computer games, but the reason I got this mouse is for all of the programmable buttons on the side. I have each of those buttons mapped to certain macros such as copy and paste, play/pause, and a few other tasks that I do so often having them just a single click away is a huge time saver.

I also have a smaller travel mouse that I use with my laptop while I work on the go.

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