AeroDynamics Metal Finishing
New Website Design

When Aerodynamics Metal Finishing came to us they were in desperate need of a website redesign and refresh. Their last site had been built and largely unchanged since the early 2000's. That is nearly 20 years -- the internet has changed by leaps and bounds in that time period.

Their old site looks like a postage stamp on an HD screen. It was entirely not responsive, and a static HTML site. While there are still some cases where static HTML sites can be good, for their purposes it wasn't a good fit anymore.

We moved them over to the Wordpress CMS so that they would be able to make content changes easily all on their own without having to involve me as a developer. Included in the design/build project was a training session where I met with them in person to show them the ins and outs of Wordpress and how to make simple changes to their site.

We did a full website redesign. Every single page was reworked and their content updated. We added many additional capabilities and features to their site. Their new site is now completely responsive, looking good on any device from a phone to a large desktop computer.

When it was time to launch the site we did a proper SEO site migration. For any URLs that were changing we redirected them to their corresponding page on the new site. We also input unique titles and meta descriptions on all pages of the site and set up Google Analytics tracking too.

Below are a few before and after screenshots of the website.

Drag the slider to see the site change.

Home Page

Capabilities Page

Take a look at the rest of the site here:

Detailed breakdown of project specifics