AlphaGraphics Portsmouth
Website Design & Rebranding

We have worked with AlphaGraphics Portsmouth (formerly Infinite Imaging) for years. Including commercial photography shoots, social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization. Last year Infinite Imaging was acquired by AlphaGraphics and needed to have a new website built to match their new brand name.

We worked closely with their internal design team to develop the overall look of the site, as well as informational architecture to make their site as user friendly as possible.

From the backend their new site was much more flexible and able to make changes without having to edit the source code to make simple changes.

It was a full website redesign with each and every page needing to be reworked and their content updated. In addition to the redesign, this was also a rebrand with an entirely new domain name. That means that we had to create a redirect map from the old site to the new site to make sure that no users got 404 page not found errors.

When it was time to launch the site we did a proper SEO site migration using the redirect map that we had already created. We also made a landing page at the old Infinite Imaging homepage to notify people who visited the old site of the new brand name as Infinite Imaging had a lot of brand loyalty built up through the years. We also input unique titles and meta descriptions on all pages of the site and set up Google Analytics tracking too.

Below is an embded view of the AlphaGraphics Portsmouth site.

Take a look at the rest of the site here:

Detailed breakdown of project specifics