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Link Tracking Setup


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When I am constructing Google Analytics reports and audits or working with a new client and really digging into their data one of the first things I notice is either an inconsistent tracking system or a lack of tracking at all.

That is a huge weakness in terms of evaluating your marketing efforts. If you are spending time or money creating social media posts then you should make sure you are tracking all of your posts in detail so you can know what works and what doesn’t. Sure Google Analytics can give you some general aggregate data, but if you really want to find out what is resonating with your audience and more importantly what is turning site visitors into customers you need a more robust tracking strategy.

With our link tracking document, you will be able to tell down to the specific link/post/newsletter that is driving the most traffic or sales.

Come out from the dark and into the light of complete strategic link tracking!

What’s included in our Link Tracking Document Setup

  • An Excel document catered to your tracking needs
  • Recommendations on what activities you should be tracking
  • Example tracking links to use as a basis for your data organization

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