How to get more reach on Instagram Stories and track your results

Instagram stories are the latest way to connect with your audience. Here is how to get more reach on every story you post and how to track your results with Instagram Insights.

#1 Tag a location on every Instagram Story

Instagram stories are a great way to share behind the scenes photos and videos or give your audience a live look at your business.

The problem is that only your followers or people who click on your profile are able to see your stories… unless you tag a location on your stories. When you tag a location then you have the chance to be seen by anyone looking at that specific location’s story. I routinely do this on my Instagram and I get 100+ more story views than I would if I didn’t tag a location.

Even if your post isn’t about a specific location you can still tag your own business location and that will make your post show up in your business location’s town story.

I talk a bit more about how to use Instagram Stories here.

Bonus tip — You can also use hashtags on stories, which like the location tags, allow you to be featured in the hashtag’s story. One word of caution would be to not use too many hashtags in a story because it can become distracting to your audience.

#2 Connect your business Facebook page to Instagram

With a business account, you get access to all the business features like the three buttons of call/text, email, and directions, as well as unlock your Instagram Insights.

Instagram Insights gives you access to all of the data about your audience on your normal posts as well as your story posts.

As long as you have a Facebook Business Page then you can connect it to your Instagram profile thus converting your Instagram into a business profile.

I wrote a detailed blog post about how to optimize your Instagram profile and convert it to a business profile.

You can check that out here.

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